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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  July 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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out. it's cool for now. ♪ [ music ] >> but in the meantime, they get to rock out together along with the nine other finalists on their cross country season 10 concert tour. glerve has their moment. >> in nashville, fox news. the news tonight far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >> starting us off on the news edge at 11:00, two men are dead and another clinging to life following a triple shooting in the district. it happened at a neighborhood that had recently seen a turn around in crime. and it appears to have begun over a dispute over money. fox 5's ross slater has
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details. > shots rang out just before 6:00 saturday morning and when the dust settled, two men were dead, a third left clinging to life. sources tell fox 5 it may have stemmed from a gambling dispute. >> i don't know, i do not understand what is going on today. there seems to be a lot of killing. >> it happened in columbia heights on parkwood place, just a few blocks north of the metro and the bustling new u.s.a. shopping center. neighbors say despite the progress, they still don't feel safe. >> we grew up in this neighborhood, i have been here 50 some years. been in this neighborhood, can't come out on my porch and a peaceful evening, you know, and relax. it is frustrating. so this is how the neighborhood is. and now it's becoming a consistent thing. >> all of which is extremely frustrating for city leaders who have hoped this was one of the areas turning the corner on crime. >> but this is one of those notorious blocks. it has had a lot of problems
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for many years, but things are now changing and we are in the upward swing here and everywhere else. but we obviously haven't gotten to where we need to be. >> police spent hours searching for crews and examining -- what is a very busy thorough fair, they are also hoping there were witnesses. >> this is a pretty active area of the community. anybody who may have seen something early this morning, we really appreciate the call. >> dc police have now identified the two dc men who died as 32-year-old jimmy lee simmons and 31-year-old dominik barber. fox 5 news. >> police in frederick, maryland, are looking for this man. he is suspected of killing his girlfriend. officers were called to orchard
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terrace around 7:00 last night. they found the body of trenice richardson. melvin smith is wanted for charges related to her murder. anyone with information is asked to call police. well days after being acquitted in her daughter's murder, casey anthony is still being sued for defamation. during the investigation into her daughter caylee's disappearance. casey anthony said she was with her nanny. turns out there was no nanny. casey got her name from an apartment complex they both visited. she says the high profile murder case damaged her reputation. >> ever since she accused me of being the nanny, i lost my job, lost the place where i was living at. they thought i was a kidnapper. >> anthony was sentenced to four years for lying to police, but she'll be free in a matter of days because of time already served. and right now the news edge
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is everywhere at 11:00. the dalai lama brought his message of peace to thousands of people in the district today. crowds sat on the west lawn of the u.s. capital to hear the spiritual leader speak. whoopi goldberg made an appearance. the nobel prize winner is attending a ten day world peace ritual in washington, d.c. demonstrators gathered outside the white house today calling on the administration to stop bombing in libya. they say money spent on bombs should instead go towards jobs here in the u.s. supporters of the u.s. action in libya also showed up praising nato and the u.s. >> another high profile meeting to hammer out a budget deal is set for sunday night at the white house. the president will meet with congressional leaders from both parties. the treasury department says a deal on raising the debt limit must be reached by august 2. >> while they say everything is bigger in texas, how about a
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baby born at a whopping, and i say whopping 16-pounds. a woman in long view gave birth to a very big boy delivered by c-section. staffers say he's the biggest baby ever born at the hospital. >> wow. this is really going to be big. all i could see was big cheeks. >> the doctor said he was going be about 12, but when they pulled him out, it was a different story. >> other than a little trouble breathing, he is healthy and very, very big. >> well one baseball fan steals the show at a recent mariners game, the thrilling dance that had the crowd on its feet coming up next. gwen. >> people might want to be dancing about our weather, audrey. we had plenty of sunshine today, a repeat performance tomorrow. we have a five-day forecast you might like also. i'll have all the details coming up. we'll be back after the break.
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couldn't have asked for a brighter day today. we had no shortage of sunshine. 92 degrees is what we hit at national airport. 90 at dulles and 90 degrees at bwi. it's still very warm and mild outside. 81 right now in the nation's capital. 75 for hagerstown. manassas at 70 degrees and we've got 80 degrees right now at annapolis. here is a look at what we're talking about in terms of sky conditions. i can't give you a cloud even if i wanted to. clear conditions, a ridge of high pressure and that's going to hold us steady as we move into tomorrow. that ridge of high pressure is going to slide its way off the coast into the course of tomorrow evening. we're going to be dealing with this frontal system. in the meantime, a hot day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, we're talking 92 degrees. so be prepared. make sure you protect yourself from that sun and don't leave your pets out in this hot
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weather. make sure they're in the shade. if you're heading to the beaches, temperatures into the mid 80s. we have one or two 90s for you. bright skies, a great way to cool off tomorrow if that's in your plans. it's a good decision. winds will be fairly light. a few clouds. so as far as tonight is concerned, we're talking a clear night, warm, 60s in the suburbs. 70 in the city. winds from the northeast at 5 miles per hour and for tomorrow, the code orange quality, because that's unhealthy. anyone with breathing problems, senior citizens or the elderly, young children should not be outside in this type of weather for any length of time. sunny skies tomorrow. a very hot day. 92 degrees with a light southerly wind flow. a weak cold front will bring us a chance for thunderstorms. we could see a rumbling on thunder on tuesday as well. then we're back to brighter skies and temperatures staying
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into 90s. >> we are taking the edge off tonight with a story that thrills. one young fan sold the stage at a recent mariner's game during a break from play, the kid busted out the moves to the song thriller. the stadium camera soon caught the action and the crowd went crazy for this little dancer and of course michael jackson would be proud, too. maybe the mariners should hire this guy to perform at all of their games. look at him go. >> nice. time to check in with lindsey murphy who has a welcome ahead to the nissan sports extra. >> thank you audrey. coming up, we go planking, plus derek jeter hits his way into the record books. plus are you sick of the edge of your seats? well get used to it. more close calls than even some closer finishes continue at nats park. are they on the winning or the losing end? we'll tell you. we have all the highlights coming up. audrey. >> thank you lindsey. that does it for us. fox 5 news is always on on
11:11 pm keep it here. sports extra two minutes away.  beth! hi.
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welcome to sports extra. >> thanks for staying up with us tonight, i'm lindsey murphy and this is nissan sports extra. coming up, full circle now with his hometown capitals, plus dc
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united versus new york. which team made the better trade? the crowd fell silent last night as nationals pitcher john lanen took a line drive off of the face. he had some broken cartilage, but doesn't expect to miss any time. he expects to make ties next start in atlanta. top of the 4th, no score. he sends one into the second row in right field. a solo home run. his 10th of the year. lasted six innings surrendering two runs. rockies lead 2-1. he has two on, he sends a sinking liner. all over that one. he pops up, throws to second for the inning, ending double play. johnson liking that effort. bottom nine we go. still 2-1. jason worth two on, one out. sends a groundball to short. you know what this is, a double


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